Friday, February 27, 2009

you think you know people ...

The word "predictable" has a bad reputation. My belief is that predictability is directly correlated to maturity. As children, we have to try out different ways of operating to figure out what works for us, and to determine who we are. There comes a point, however, where we realize that certain behaviors are just not options, and that is where our characters are formed. Sure, from time to time, we like to be "surprised" with something new or exciting, but when I think I know someone, the last thing I really want is to find out that they are "unpredictable".

The sidebar to this is the reality that after a certain age, people really just don't change much. Fine, people make mistakes and forgiveness is awesome. However, if someone is "predictably" BOGUS, F-ED up, or otherwise horrible and awful, why keep them around? If I can't put it past you to NEVER {fill in unsavory behavior, here} then you have no place in my life.

With this note, I would like to thank all of my "predictable" friends, for being so consistently dependable, kind, generous, positive, encouraging, funny, loving, supportive, and {insert good adjective, here}. Y'all give me hope that the world is mostly good in these scary, scary times :)


Monica said...

do we need to talk?

tuscanb said...

someone did something really bogus to a good friend. it made me really thankful that i've managed to keep deadbeats out of my inner circle, and fill it with wonderful folk like you :)